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The Power of Now

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Experience focusing your attention in the present moment; to be able to witness the beauty unfolding in each moment - deliberately. The Power of NOW is to be witness to the present. Your willingness to live much of your life in the present moment affects the choices you make for your future. When you place your focus into the present - in NOW - you witness so much. In the NOW you may be observant of how you feel; you may observe with awareness and without judgment; and as you go about your day, you may practice living from this place of NOW - and coming back to NOW often. All of your power lies in the present moment; for you to choose using your free will.
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Meditation 1
I felt that I get more out of my current morning meditations as I read a passage or scripture and spend time in meditation reflecting on that scripture.
It is important to be in the now. Looking back on the past and dwelling on past mistakes only leads to depression. Dwelling on the future leads to anxiety. Transcendental meditation and mindfulness are two big keys to a happier, healthier life. If you're struggling with depression and anxiety you need these two things, as I do, to get past it and get better.
I'n the right moment
This is a very strong meditation that I feel a lot of people just surpass in life just take five min out of ur day to get totally zoned out an fill the power of now💪🏽🖖🏽
Now should be always
It's so hard to life in the now moments sometimes with all those thoughts that come and go, but i know if i just try my best every second of the day i'll get to experience now all the time
The Power of Now (3 Min)
I learned that focusing on the now is much more difficult than I expected, even just for three minutes. While simple in concept, it’s hard to quiet the babbler from trying to commandeer the session.
In the now
I can be very future oriented. This meditation reminded me of the power of the current moment for shaping the future, and the importance of witnessing and engaging with each moment.
Day 70.
Now. I tend to always think, feel, and prepare for the future. ALWAYS. Even though it comes from a good place I know it insights some of my insecurities, anxieties and worry. But what are those? Fear of failing in the future. That I’m not putting time now for later. Fear of loss. I forget how fast a year can pass, my family can grow and I miss the days I spent preparing and not loving my beautiful woman. I’m not down on myself no. But being in the now is my life goal, balanced with a mindful head for the future. Much love
Wandering mind
My mind wanders so easily bit I find I am getting better and recognizing this and refocusing
Walter J
The action of staying in the Now. Our mind is designed to become aware of activity in the brain. An active brain makes it almost impossible to live calmly in the Now. But with practice and knowledge we can train our brains to be more calm and thus our mind can also become more calm and we can stay in the Now more easily. Sorry if that sounds confusing... maybe an example would help. Think of a sporting event. The moments that make the highlight tape are the most exciting or disastrous ones. Your brain notices the exciting and disastrous moments of your day. But our feelings, emotions and memory sometimes allow those moments to be replayed over and over like our highlight tape, taking us out of the Now. It is ok if we were replaying our wins tape and in fact I encourage my wins to be replayed through the the day to help me feel good, especially before bed. BUT if you find yourself replaying the disastrous tape over and over, watch out! Mentally say “STOP‼️” - Cancel thought” and either put a positive tape on or better yet - look at the beauty of something right in front of you NOW! There is always something you can find to look at closely and be in awe of Nature’s wonder-full handiwork. A leaf, flower or a spider’s web shining in the sun or covered in dew. Ahhh ... the power of turning off your projector (at least try to put it on pause) calming your mind and living in the Now!! Namaste🙏🏼 💚📽🍀
Focusing on the Now
One thing I learned is never dwell on the past or past issues I had then or the future; it’ll stress you out and cause unwanted issues in the now. Right now I’m focused on the present and that’s what I want to focus on for now
Focusing on the present feels freeing, calming. Im excited to continue practicing to learn how to stay in this vibration.
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