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The Power of Honesty in Your Love Relationship (Full Version)

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Honesty serves as a foundation for mutual trust with the person that you've chosen to be in relationship with - and to nourish the experience of being able to feel heard and understood as your partner honours your truth.  Honesty does not preclude having disagreements but it does set the tone for a respectful exchange of truthful ideas and thoughts that serve to deepen one's knowledge about the other. Here I share one couple's journey into their greatest challenge of self honesty and truth - and how it led them back into their authentic self - and to be happy again.
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I felt voyeuristic listening
I'm at almost exactly twenty years married to my best friend in the world. While we've had small speed bumps in our lives together through the years, including a forced six-month separation due to my massive stroke and LONG hospitalization, our love today is just as strong and respectful as it has always been. In fact, we were lying in bed together discussing our respective days when it was time for my evening's Aura session. I honestly could not love my wife more than I do! I was just telling her again how terrific she is at her job as she related some tales from her day at school today. I know most of the special-needs children in her classroom, and enjoy how much she lights up describing the things she did with them throughout the school day! I tell her often how much she means to these kids, AND their families, who often are dealing with their own struggles with their children and the various service agencies in place to help the family at home. Having provided services to autistic or developmentally disabled children myself, I KNOW the challenges she faces daily in the classroom. I love that she's part of this team helping to ”mainstream” these students in a public school setting!
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Although we all want honesty sometimes we don’t create an environment for it to flourish
This is so spot on...
Acknowledging mistakes and not trying to run from them, even when what you have done may have really hurt your partner or a loved one, is the only way to build a long, trusting and healthy relationship. I’ve learned this firsthand. The lesson was painful, but it gave me the chance to forever speak the truth from that day on. And being a better me lets me be whole and honest with everyone from now on.
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