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The Power Of 20 Seconds

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Reuben Lowe
ACT Therapist & Spiritual Life Coach
We're going to explore a little neuroscience into the power of gratitude. Then we will put it into practice. This gratitude meditation is also a reflective practice steering you into setting intentions for your day ahead.
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20 secs of gratitude for three things a day is all it takes :)
Three things I am grateful for are: 1) Domesticated pets-The ability to interact and form bonds with animals to the extent that they become members of your family is a wonderful perk of living to me! Service animals, emotional support animals, working animals…what would we do without them? 2) Readily available potable water-I have always taken this for granted in the past, but after a week spent camping off the grid, I plan to cherish and give thanks to every available drop! Life giving, life sustaining ready to go water truly is a modern miracle. 3) Modern transportation-My life is infinitely easier than my ancestors before me seeing how I now have the luxuries of visiting natural wonders across the globe, forming friendships thousands of miles away, and experiencing other cultures firsthand with relative ease.
Three things I am grateful for:
1. My good health 2. My friend L. who is always there when I need her. 3. My fur baby Coco who I love with all my heart.
3 things that i am grateful for
My husband, my daughter, and my health. Also my job, my house, and my pets!
Three Things I Am Grateful For
I am grateful for my family! I am grateful for my health! I am grateful for my career!
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