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The Power Of 20 Seconds

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Reuben Lowe
ACT Therapist & Spiritual Life Coach
We're going to explore a little neuroscience into the power of gratitude. Then we will put it into practice. In the middle of this gratitude and reflective practice is a mindfulness meditation. Then, we finish off with a final reflection so as to pave the way for simple intention setting for the rest of your day.
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A wonderful listen
I learned that I have a lot more wonderful things in my life than I generally give thought to. The best thing in my life are my grown children who turned out to be such good people. I was reminded of the role of intuition and how it has helped me in the past and that now I need to be more attentive to it.
I felt at ease. And pleased to learn.
Three things I'm grateful for are my son, my family and my passion for travel which brings me so much joy and always has.
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