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The Path of My Heart: a Spoken Word 'Message of Inspiration'

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
'The Path of My Heart' is guided wisdom, intended to help you open you heart; to find your 'right' path and your truth - and to live this.  Namaste!  xo
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3 reflections
I was feeling out of sorts the past two days. Knowing I needed to find me under all the emotions I’ve accumulated from people this week but not knowing how to strip them away. This was perfect. Thank you for helping me get here! ✨🌿🐉
My Path
My path is learning to heal myself from within to be able to fully open my heart up to others. My path is filled with light. The desire to want to live fully and peacefully. To find balance. To be fully present to others when they need me. To be someone else’s light when all they see is darkness. To use my gifts. To be love and kind to myself and others. Wonderful inspirational message that I will listen to again sometime. This would make a great meditation.
The Path of My Heart
This morning I got sucked into a hole in my thoughts of what if, I can't, why... Then this beautiful message comes and says but what if it is good, I can, why not... Thank you
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