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The Next Right Thing

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Tudor Alexander
Follower of Jesus Christ & Health Coach
It is easy to get lost in our plans and grandiose visions, to the point of overwhelm, when sometimes the best thing we can do is simply finding the "next right thing."
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Next step
Thankyou for this…I’ve been so frustrated (building a property) with events that have been out of my control. The next best step forward? I will need patience to see what that is🙏💕
Zooming +\-
Being present mens both zooming in or out. I noted this recently while completing a renovation project. As the deadline drew closer the events became smaller more detailed. In contrast to when the project began, demolition was part of the large picture. This also translated to my emotional state. I was entirely focused on the grand vision at the start of the project and was very happy. However the last week of the project was stressful. Alignment of visions and the new finial details as the project completed caused chaos. I had to zoom in and not worry about the big picture and focus on the gaps between the kitchen cabinet doors. Thankfully I was blessed with the patience to deal with zooming in and out but now I was reminded that I should practice more often. Thank you.
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