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The Mold Idea

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Life Coaching
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Tudor Alexander
Follower of Jesus Christ & Health Coach
In this lesson, I share with you one of my favorites, albeit unattractively named, personal development ideas: The Mold idea. To reconcile a desire for growth with the wisdom of acceptance and not having to do anything is the journey of a lifetime. Through this simple metaphor, we can remember to hold compassion for ourselves (and others) on the path.
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2 reflections
Really interesting and different approach
I had to listen to it more than once and every time it made more and more sense. Really liked it. Probably will keep going back to it to put this idea to practice.
Bouncing ball
I liked the bouncing ball metaphor as it reminded me of youth. When were young we are insecure and tend to overcompensate in order to impress or be accepted by others. As I have gotten older and more comfortable with myself I no longer have a need to impress others. I am also less judgmental of others. I understand about feeling centered and coming from the middle. I’m still learning how to simply be and at to be still, but certainly my bounces are less extreme, lol!
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