Awakened Light
What if life was an innate playground of inspired thought and wisdom that rose up in deliberate form igniting our senses, our dreams and our destiny? We can experience this by living in the Now. We can experience this by allowing our heart to be a beacon. Becoming still for short periods of times, we go from our surface identity to the depths of our being, where Presence lives. In spirit, we naturally open our heart, where inspiration lives. In this beautiful meditation, Dorothy has us experience the miracle of inspiration. Getting settled on my bench in my backyard, I went inward and connected to my breath. Welcoming where I was, I felt my breath begin to slow and deepen. Out of nowhere, I saw a golden light funnel cloud rapidly come my way. Feeling the pure goodness of this light engulf my entire body, I embraced this immense peace of Presence. With my heart wide open, I felt inspiration fill my body. Holding this space, I felt as if I had traveled to another dimension, where I knew myself as pure awareness. Beginning to hear Dorothy’s voice again, I ‘awoke’ from this dreamlike state. Inspired, my heart is wide open and an awakened light is here to help guide me along my path. Inspiration comes in the form of ideas, as conscious thoughts and as joyful impressions we react to with gratitude, interest and excitement. These glimpses of inspiration can turn into a whole new way of being by making a conscious choice every day to live in the Now, allowing our heart to illuminate our path. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️