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The Miracle of Inspiration

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Inspiration is what you feel through your senses; through taking in the beauty of life that you are willing to notice; and by allowing your heart open in delight, in wonder, in the deliberate choosing of your soul to be stirred; to cultivate presence, and to flow with the deliberate joy that you are witness to. Please enjoy this talk and meditation and have a look for the others in this very special series. Namaste!
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Walter J
Inspiring ...
Dorothy does an excellent job pumping us up full of inspiration. Giving a great description of what it is, how it makes us feel and how it will help us live the life we love and thus benefit the world. White it seems to cut off in the middle of actually taking us all the way up to the mountain top, getting up to base camp is certainly more Beneficial than staying in the valley of uninspired nothingness. Living an inspired life should be a major goal of education for our youth. If we can get them excited about what their possibilities are and help them discover their natural strengths and talents, then hopefully they will ‘Want’ to learn how to develop them. What a major win this would be over them ‘Having’ to go to school. Teaching them to live from the heart is an excellent idea that will create a more authentic person. I believe it starts with raising awareness, thru discovery of what their unique gifts are and then embracing their vision of how they can best serve the world by using them. This should be a major part played by parents and supported by the Church. Developing these talents is certainly different for each child but we now have the technology to challenge each child at different levels & at different speeds instead of forcing the same info into each child, frustrating some that need more time to grasp the info, while dumbing down others that are ready to move on. We have made good progress in this area but it needs to become even more individualized. As we all focus on Living more authentic and transparent lives aligned with Universal Laws while serving the world & our fellow humans, we will transition away from having to rely on Laboring at an unfulfilling job that creates stress & unhappiness. That is what redefining L.U.C.K is all about. More on that in my book. For now, listen to this session, get inspired, take action, live from your heart and “be the change you want to see in the world!” ❤️💪🏼🍀
Miracle of Inspiration
Everyday I’m inspired by all the people in my life and all the things I have in my life. Meditation gives me the opportunity to take a moment to be grateful and show gratitude for all those important things I have in my life
Miracle of Inspiration
I recently had an awakening that started with a new beginning that was generated by a friendly conversation. It was such a pleasurable vortex of Love and affection❤️
jess 🧡
today i found myself surrounded with anxious thoughts on my future. just taking a moment to relax helped me to get rid of the distracting thoughts that were clouding my mind, even if it was just for a moment
“This is where miracles live”
I could and will listen to this again and again sharing inspiring about the notion of inspiration and discussing the world as it could be colored in inspiration. Not the rose colored glasses passively worn but taking action choosing stepping into and fostering and owning my creativity. Nis those are glasses to wear
Deep restful
I listened back to back as there is so much being imparted - I noticed the tension in my calves and ankles lighten lift and the area I always think of as grounding muscles expand warm let go. Thanks
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