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The Love of My Life

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Pure and authentic love of another is the most sacred gift. Love of yourself is how you thrive in a state of invincibility and courage and light. Let me share with you what messages will best inspire how you think and feel about love and the wonder of its potential to heal and nourish you. Here I share the three questions that you need to ask yourself, to have a loving relationship and the beginnings of a great love affair! Namaste!
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3 reflections
Self love
I don’t understand or know how to truly love myself I’ll try the 3 questions and see where it takes me :)
Loving myself
I learned that what my parents taught me did not include anything that is related to supporting my value, worth or self-love and instead of that making me sad now, it helped me to understand why I struggle the way I struggle and it helped me to forgive myself for the status quo of my life, to accept it and think more positively about possible changes I might introduce in it. Dorothy has the most peaceful, loving, convincing, authentic and soothing voice I’ve heard here on Aura so far. A voice full of light and generosity❤️ I am so thankful for her presence here🤗
Being present for myself is normal!
I was taught to give to others unconditionally but I was not taught to give myself the same attention.
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