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The Liberating & Manifesting Currents

15 Min
Life Coaching
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Life Force Energy Coach
This is a short life force energy coaching session that focuses on the liberating and manifesting currents within our aura. Many people are not aware that our energy fields are made up of components of flowing frequencies that can get blocked and damaged, very much like our physical bodies. In this session, we discuss which direction the liberating and manifesting currents flow and how to best utilize them. Once unblocked the road to the manifestation of our inspiration and ideas comes much easier. These currents are directly connected to the major chakras in our bodies, as well as, our subconscious and deep subconscious minds. We discuss these aspects of our energy fields too. Thank you and remember; Energy Is Everything!
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2 reflections
First time learning about it
It was very interesting and soothing hearing about these energy flows through the Chakras. Thanks
Learning about my overall energy and its effects (chakras)
This really clarified the reasons of why I may be feeling unlioe myself physically and mentally. It's like I've been stuck in a cycle of suffering due to being triggered much easier than ever before yet becoming more involved in mindful practice. I need to cleanse these evident blockages due to childhood trauma, multiple years of let downs with people personally and professionally, along with becoming lost and frustrated with my career track due to others interactions along the way when I was once before very excited ans passionate about many things.
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