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The King's Wine Cellar

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This story explores how we need to enjoy and embrace experiences when the time is right. And that abundance should be shared.
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The King’s Wine Cellar
This was an interesting story but apparently quite over my head (and I haven’t had any wine). I’ve downloaded it and will have to listen again—not so late at night next time!
Trust & Giving
I think there is a moral to this story and it must be regarding trust. When I’m in doubt about something and asking for advice I should look to someone who is an expert. I also feel that there is a message in this story about giving to others. I have received many things from people and I still have some of those things. I have also given many things away, nothing should go to waste. I’ve also given to Goodwill even though I could have had a yard sale. There’s probably more to this story but it’s late and I’m tired so I will end it here. 😴
Great story! But...
I'm afraid I'm having issue finding the actual moral... I'm already a great believer in the idea if giving from my abundance. I do so fairly consistently as a member and a local administrator of The Buy Nothing Project, a Facebook-based community of gift economies, with hyperlocal groups all over the world!
Walter J
Breaking (traditions)...
Clever little story with several lessons I gleaned: 1) Just because everyone else says you are wrong, does not mean you are... speak up! 2) Hoarding is not wise or useful. Even manna could not be stored (except for Sabbath) 3) If you use your talents well more will be given unto you. If you do not use them they will go bad and/or be taken away 4) Be creative & think outside the box. 5) Be observant of underutilized resources 6) It is ok to break old (limiting) beliefs & traditions, to create new (more inclusive) ones . 7) Wine is made to drink! It’s a renewable resource, right! ❤️🍷🍀
Nice little story
Enjoy all that is good in your life while you have it. I think like this with perfumes or lotions. I sometimes hoard them but then think I should be using them to enjoy the pleasure of the scents. I guess that's what I'm taking from this story, use it before you lose it