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The Kindness Project

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Mark Guay
Coach & Facilitator
With nothing to lose, Leon filled up his motorcycle’s gas tank and set off from his L.A. flat east to New York. The clothes on his back, one tank of gas, a smile on his face: everything else he’d need would have to come through kindness. His goal? Ride across the world. No big deal, right? What he learned on that trip changed the course of his life forever.
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I feel love, my essence vibrates joy❤️
I learned that I am beautiful 🙏 I create abundance and my heart ripples gratitude 🥰
Juliana Oppenheimer
I’ve helped strangers in the past. However, presently I have been helping keep my friend’s spirits up. She made a comment that somehow I know when she needs me. That each time I have reconnect with her she’s going through a hellish experience. The first, she’d tragically lost her sister who had the same name as me. Her current situation is the worse by far. I’ve been sending her music, SNL sketches, and positive messages. I’ve explained that they have also brightened my day, made me laugh, inspire me, and reconnected me to my past. Also, I’ve sent a few gifts that have had meaning. The first was a a coordinating top and leggings. I told her that when she wears them I have on a identical set. That they will give her the hugs I can’t because of our geographical distance. Another was a cheerful kitchen towel with a positive message she draped over a shelf. Most recently it was a sweater that was too small for me. Each time I’ve included notes on brightly paper and red hearts I’ve cut by hand. She’s set me photos of them around the house that she’s sought shelter for over a year now. She repeatedly tells me I’m her angel.
The Kindness Project
I am a 67 year old abused woman in therapy for more years than I wish to remember. My 40 year marriage was mentally, physically, & verbally abusive. He was extremely controlling & always accusing me of cheating. How can you cheat when you get 15 minutes to get home in heavy NJ traffic ??? I stayed & was sitting on the side of the bed when he took his last breath. I have been kind to strangers, especially homeless people. I volunteer wherever I can. I’ve stayed hours with people in need, given them money to eat(while I went home & ate cereal). I’ve brought people of all colors & races home with me so they had a roof over their heads, a clean bed, a shower & meals. They leave when they feel ready. (Usually within a few days). I’ve had by check book stolen, my house keys, & who knows what else. I do not do inventory. If they feel they need it, God help them. I’ve admitted myself to the crisis center because I lent over $20,000 to a man who looked in my eyes & told me he loved me. I’m so desperate for love that I believed him. That was my retirement money. I know I‘be made very bad judgements, but there are people out there that need help& have nowhere to turn. If God decides one of these people should harm me I will accept it. My life is in God’s hands. I will continue to hold my head up high, love everyone, even if they think I’m crazy, because this is MY journey. This is what God put me here for & it is not my place to question. Thank you for your beautiful session. 🌈🌻💖