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The Kindly Breath Meditation

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Carla-Jo Geraghty
Mindfulness Teacher and Mentor
This meditation helps you to develop a sense of calm and kindness towards yourself. Please note: If you are struggling with your mental health it's really important to seek professional help. These meditations are not a substitute for that but can be used along side therapy to help to support you. For more on Carla-Jo and her work please see
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A nice way of seeing things
I learned that i can breath in and out kindness, it is the first time I tried it out, it was a nice experience. I think it would be helpful for those who have high anxiety levels or panick attacks. So if you have a friend like that, please forward!
In AND out
What I liked about this meditation was the idea of breathing kindness both in AND out. In every other meditation I've heard (not judging them) the suggestion is to breathe in one thing and breathe out another - usually something negative or unhelpful. I really appreciate breathing in kindness and then sending it to the rest of my being on the out breath. I really needed this today. Thanks!
This is a quick and helpful way to appreciate yourself and the day ahead
Being kind to myself can happen at any moment and that I don't have to breath out "negativity," but instead breathe out more kindness to the rest of my body. Unique and fulfilling. I often hear of breathing out all sorts of negative thoughts and in this case, there is no judgement of anything. Creating newly from nothing. Awesome.
Cultivating kindness benefits your wellbeing.
There is more and more research these days showing the benefits of practising kindness meditations. Dr Barbara Fredrickson has researched this for years. She found that cultivating kindness to yourself and others deeply improves your well being on an emotional and physical level. I hope you enjoy this kindly breath meditation ❤️
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