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The Holiday Episode: Practical Wisdom for Living the Magic, Wonder, and True Meaning of the Holidays

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Are you like so many others who do their best to recreate the magical moments of holidays past? Do you imagine yourself at a particular moment in time during childhood where everything was enchanting; surreal, and as if you were living in a fantasy? We tend to go to moments of our childhood as they evoke imagination and powerful imagery that immediately places us back in that time of innocence, of wonder, and of belief in the magic of the holidays. Do you think back to memories that evoke pure joy, laughter, and fun, so that you can feel those precise feelings now? As a child, did you anticipate what gifts were waiting for you under the tree on Christmas morning or what you might receive on every night of Hanukkah? As an adult, I am going to encourage you to decide how you will curate magic and wonder by design so that you can experience joy, anticipation, excitement, and of course love because you've opened your heart to it; and because of the actions that you've taken to feel magic through the acts of giving, of being grateful, of loving kindness and of nurturing your relationships with your loved ones. It matters that you find and feel joy in the real meaning of the holidays and not simply because you found your way to crossing everyone off of your shopping list and its still two weeks before Christmas. In this episode we dive into the best strategy for curating the magic of the holidays; and for experiencing joy in the anticipation of new experiences and shared laughter and fun. I might even suggest that you will want to continue using these 3 best practices as "the" strategy for how you live life! I wish you all much love, peace, and joy now... and always! Namaste! xo
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Thrive Guide
Remember when we were kids, our hearts full of excitement, joy and wonder as the holidays grew near? The magic literally filled our senses everywhere we went. As we age though, we gain more responsibilities and easily get bogged down by the hustle and bustle of the season. As a result, the magic that once existed in our heart can seem as if it has completely disappeared. To curate magic on demand so that we can experience joy, anticipation, excitement and love during the holidays, we must first ask ourself a few questions. Answered by our inner wisdom, we will realize what brings us joy, what allows us to feel happiness and how we plan to feel these emotions and more during the holidays. Put to paper, these answers will serve as reminders to the choices we will make throughout the holidays. In what Dorothy calls her thrive guide, she gives us three best practices to further curate magic in our lives. To give love completely and wholly, we must first be love. We be love by giving our own self ample time each day to honor our needs. We know how to honor our needs by answering the third question from above. Once we have nourished ourself with care and love, we are more available to give love freely to others. A great mantra to say everyday to remind us is simple, yet profound: Be Love. The next best practice is to bring joy to everything and everyone. Joy is all about our mindset. Mindset is a remembrance that we always have a choice in how we want to feel in any given moment. Two easy practices that will bring instant happiness to us are gratitude and loving kindness to ourself and others. The third and final practice to curate magic in our life is offering peace. Both a mindset and an action, offering peace requires us to embody peace. Adopting peace as a way of living, we will naturally behave in ways that display calm, contentment and mindfulness. These three best practices are direct ways to feel more love and joy not just throughout the holidays, but throughout our lives. If we take this thrive guide to heart and embrace these best practices everyday, we will not only be curating magic in our own life, but also in the lives of everyone around us! Just imagine for a moment....the joy that can exist! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Christmas coaching
I tremendously valued this recording. It assisted me to further develop relationships, set priorities for Christmas activities and communicate more mindfully with family. It assists with setting priorities with the activity I would like to pursue. Identify what’s most important for me to pursue.
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