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The Hole in the Blanket

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is an adapted retelling of a Chumash story by elder Paul Perrota.
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Working Together
This story is a great reminder of teamwork-that we all need to work together because in the collaborative process, we can always achieve more than by ourselves. It also reminds me to be grateful to be alive and living on this earth. Also, everyone should have the chance to be heard, and great things can come in small packages-like the little hummingbird with the great idea.
Local interest
I chose to listen to this story based on the description. I LIVE in Chumash country on California’s Central Coast! I know much of the local history having worked for several of the local museums! I've even worked FOR the Chumash tribe! I liked the teamwork aspect of the narration!
Journal entry on The Hole one Blanket
By listening to this short story it made me feel that people need to learn how to show more compassion toward one another in this day in age. Everyone walks around stuck in their own little bubble ,some not even lifting their heads from their cell phones as they pass each other by. Even though it was like 3 or 4 minutes it teaches a valuable lesson that people work against one enough instead of for each other. And people could accomplish more if they pulled together.
Hole in blanket story
A beautiful story with so much meaning. We see the importance of all that share this world. Each has a special gift and we need to love and support each other to all thrive on this earth. Good morning grandfather Sun. Good evening grandmother Moon.
I felt intrigued.
This story had several important messages woven in to the whole. Take time to feel and show gratitude, don’t forget about helping others when they need it, work together to solve problems, contribute our personal gifts and talents to the whole, don’t let our fear of judgement stop us from doing our part, have faith in yourself like the hummingbird, don’t judge what others can or can not do, don’t give up keep working on your goals, no matter how small or insignificant you feel you still have good ideas that have value and like the hummingbird you can be the catalyst for change and the leader who leads others out of darkness, we are one people even with our differences and what we do effects the whole, give thanks to our creator, live a life of gratitude and love. What a beautiful story!
Working Together
I love the messages contained in this story, particularly the reminder of daily gratitude and mindfulness, as well as the beauty in acknowledging the special gifts that each of us can offer in contribution to the group.
Heal the world
This beautiful story reminds us that we each have a role to play to heal our planet and make it a better place. We should also support each other in these roles. No matter how small you think you are, you will have something to contribute. Even just showing respect and an attitude of gratitude will go a long way.
Special role
Reemphasized the importance of cooperation. Everyone has their own small role. Blanket was a punishment with the purpose of getting them to respectfully cooperate.
Wee Starfish...
We shall, we must help another everyday... for everyday it is someone’s lot to help us!
A special reminder
This story strung a lot of my heart strings. I was interviewed earlier today and spoke about how this world lacks genuine compassion to all beings of life. We are compassionate and kind to like minded individuals but we need to be compassionate to all beings of life and all people with different views and opinions. In order for this world to be united and in harmony, we must love everyone for their differences. Even if they’re differences cause us hurt, we must appreciate what that hurt teaches us. I’m not saying to associate and hang out with those kinds of people who hurt us but I am saying to open your heart up to give them love and compassion. When the hummingbird in the story pierced the blanket, my heart caught in my throat. It only takes a matter of one person to make a small change that has drastic benefits for everyone on this planet. Be the humming bird: be courageous, be selfless, be brave, be dedicated, kind, gentle, proud, determined. Not only for yourself but for others. We are the human race experiencing life together, so live together.
The Hole in the Blanket
Whew! A powerful story-especially in these divided times. It struck a chord deep within. My eyes are still glistening with moisture. There are so many wonderful messages in this Chumash tale, but it all centers on not being too busy to take time to be grateful when you begin and end your day. It’s lengthy in terms of the stories, but definitely worth the listen. The first time I listened as I was going to bed and fell asleep. I am so grateful that I went back and listened to this in its entirety. Thank you for this story, Cassandra!
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