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The Happy Prince & the Sleepy Swallow

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
In this bedtime story, a sleepy swallow comes to rest on the golden statue of a happy prince. The little bird's only wish is to sleep before his long journey to Egypt. But the prince has other plans - ones that will forever change the lives of the poor people in the city. This wandering tale moves at a lazy pace that will lull you right to sleep, all while you enjoy a sweet story about the true meaning of giving. (Based on "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde. Adapted by Christina McMahon)
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2 reflections
Love this story
I crave to hear this little tale that helps put my anxiety away so I have a restful sleep.
Good story
This was my first story I’ve listened to and I am surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Her tone was soft and the story was interesting. Put me right to sleep!