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The Future Is Now

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Even as this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM is released months into this global pandemic of 2020, the messages that I share are omnipresent and incredibly important for when you listen; because now is the future. A-HA MOMENTS: For however you have been living your life up until this moment, you must realize that you have been choosing your future. PRACTICAL WISDOM: What I want to emphasize and inspire at this time and in this brave new world that we are all being “rebirthed” into; is the absolute need for greater conscious choice; to wield the freedom that you hold, to choose what you deeply desire; and to live fearless of this; because you now understand that you are able to have everything that you have always wanted. TRUTH SERUM: What you have been wanting and waiting for is before you now. Now is the time to take new action. This time is unprecedented in our lives; and with it is the possibility for change; and new beginnings of consciousness and loving-kindness for all living beings. Now is the time to set in motion what you have been wanting for so long. Now is your time. It is the time for all of us to mobilize into action what is most wanted, and to step forth into this brave new world that we are living. The Future is Here. It is Now. Namaste love dorothy