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The Future Is Now

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Even as this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM is released months into this global pandemic of 2020, the messages that I share are omnipresent and incredibly important for when you listen; because now is the future. A-HA MOMENTS: For however you have been living your life up until this moment, you must realize that you have been choosing your future. PRACTICAL WISDOM: What I want to emphasize and inspire at this time and in this brave new world that we are all being “rebirthed” into; is the absolute need for greater conscious choice; to wield the freedom that you hold, to choose what you deeply desire; and to live fearless of this; because you now understand that you are able to have everything that you have always wanted. TRUTH SERUM: What you have been wanting and waiting for is before you now. Now is the time to take new action. This time is unprecedented in our lives; and with it is the possibility for change; and new beginnings of consciousness and loving-kindness for all living beings. Now is the time to set in motion what you have been wanting for so long. Now is your time. It is the time for all of us to mobilize into action what is most wanted, and to step forth into this brave new world that we are living. The Future is Here. It is Now. Namaste love dorothy
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8 reflections
Thank you
You help see so much clearer. As we manifest we will receive!!!
Walter J
WOW! Dorothy is so spot on in this session. I agree with her completely! I have been thinking that COVID is actually a system upgrade for our brains. Preparing us for the Global Consciousness that Dorothy speaks of in this session. I was down for two days after Christmas with the most intense headache that would not go away. I believe now that it was a rewiring/rewriting of my mental programs for I feel even more clear about the Truth than I did before and I thought I had a pretty good handle on it then!! It is NOT time to be scared, but to lean into self inspection to discover your talents, abilities & strengths and how you can best serve the world by utilizing them. Then spend your time using them, improving them and helping others do the same. It is time to stop living small, feeling guilty, time to stop worrying about what others will think and time to learn what the real truth is! It is time to WAKE UP & THINK!! It is time to Break Free & Live!! Time to Become Enlightened & Shine!! (Those are the three titles of books I am working on that are desperately needed) We need to listen to Dorothy’s podcast- I need to look it up as she has me fired up!! Thank you Dorothy for the inspiration to get moving ahead NOW! 🙏🏼❤️🍀
So inspiring
I wish I had the strength to apply this now is the only moment you have to change your future . It’s sometimes so hard, I am almost pathetic at that. I cannot and do not want to handle stress anymore, I just wish to rest and to healing, inspiring and growing practices. Not yet ready to implement very much
It’s true that now is the future!
Listening to Dorothy’s voice I get a feeling of honesty and of love. It is truely inspiring.
The future is now
Dorothy always has something positive and uplifting to say. I've learned so much from her.
The Future is Now (3 min)
It was nothing more than an ad for her podcast. Perhaps the longer sessions on here are better & I’ll try those.
jess 🧡
honestly tonight it was very hard to stay focused on this meditation. i felt myself getting very distracted which prevented me from getting the whole experience of this practice
Focusing on inner work in a time of transition🙏♥️
I learned that despite challenges, gratitude is the key. Abundance will come.🙏♥️🙏♥️
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