The 4 agreements
This session was jam packed with useful information! So many things to think about. Some things I need to add to how I live my life. Some I already do, but hearing how I could improve is so important. I gave up caring what people think of me or say to me a long time ago. Most of the time I don't take anything personally. But I'm not perfect. Just yesterday I was over tired and around a person I shouldn't be spending time with. He was also drinking liquor which lets me know I need to tread lightly. Why did I do that? I'm home now, exhausted, drained, and I can't wait to get in my bed tonight. He acts like he's a little kid. And his anger! I stuck to my boundaries and he actually listens now. The example you said about that girl just hugging a woman after the woman told her off. I did the same thing. He cried! It feels really good to be firm but compassionate.