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The Forest Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Go into this meditation a story of your own walk of life. In life we carry a lot of feelings within us. Walk and drop your feelings and beware of all the good feelings in you.
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11 reflections
How to walk lighter?
And make your path less heavy.... Release what doesn’t serve you more...
Unload the baggage
I was guided thru the forest while carrying a heavy burden. As I walked, and then ran, rain drenched me, mud caked my legs and trees got in my way. The only way I could go on was to discard my boots & my heavy burden. By doing so, I felt great relief and was able to carry on. Waving my arms, kicking mud, smiling and feeling my hair explode into a giant cotton ball. At the forest edge, green grass and sunshine. BEST MEDITATION EVER! Namaste 🙏
Let it go
Forests are my go to in mediation’s along with crystal caves. I always feel at home walking through towering trees, soft earth under my feet and the gentle hum of the trees. Before I was told I had sloughed off my burdens and was already floating gently above the ground, the rain stopped and a gentle wind had dried me. Diving in and out of my forest enjoying the freedom. Ready to face the day without the baggage.
visualization meditation
Walking true the forest... Can be helpfull to over see things
The healing power of the forest
I can Release my negative emotions and memories through my legs to be absorbed by the earth and I can fill myself with the energy of the sun.
I don’t have to do anything
Except listen to Irene and follow her direction. I listen to this meditation again because it is one of my most favorite. Powerful and soothing; I can feel the negative energy leave my body through my feet; positive energy coming in through the top of my head. Rain and mud turns to sunlight and solid footing. The forest is a magical place. Thank you, Irene. Namaste. 🙏
Leave your problems behind
Losen the weight and carry on your life but lighter. Release what doesn’t surve you...
Solid ground 🌞
I feel lighter now leaving baggage behind in the forest, through my feet and in to the mud. I’m walking on solid ground feeling the sun warm my body to my heart, my core, my whole being. A sense of freedom from everything that was weighing on my mind and holding me back. I can go through my day feeling peaceful and relaxed. Thanks 🙏 Irene
deer path
winding down through the trees to a bubbling creek then up up up the hill climbing through a cathedral of ancient evergreens across the soft blanket of pine needles and out the other side into a beautiful meadow of tall grass
Forest meditation
Irene, you always have great guided meditations. I feel like I was in that forest and your guidance on real easing negativity was superb. Namaste 🙏
I felt as if I were in the rainforest
I learned that letting go of stressors whether big or small is beneficial to my health. Breathing is key and allowing myself to tune out the outside world to channel my inner calm is amazing.
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