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The Forest Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Go into this meditation a story of your own walk of life. In life we carry a lot of feelings within us. Walk and drop your feelings and beware of all the good feelings in you.
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How to walk lighter?
And make your path less heavy.... Release what doesn’t serve you more...
Unload the baggage
I was guided thru the forest while carrying a heavy burden. As I walked, and then ran, rain drenched me, mud caked my legs and trees got in my way. The only way I could go on was to discard my boots & my heavy burden. By doing so, I felt great relief and was able to carry on. Waving my arms, kicking mud, smiling and feeling my hair explode into a giant cotton ball. At the forest edge, green grass and sunshine. BEST MEDITATION EVER! Namaste 🙏
Let it go
Forests are my go to in mediation’s along with crystal caves. I always feel at home walking through towering trees, soft earth under my feet and the gentle hum of the trees. Before I was told I had sloughed off my burdens and was already floating gently above the ground, the rain stopped and a gentle wind had dried me. Diving in and out of my forest enjoying the freedom. Ready to face the day without the baggage.
visualization meditation
Walking true the forest... Can be helpfull to over see things
The healing power of the forest
I can Release my negative emotions and memories through my legs to be absorbed by the earth and I can fill myself with the energy of the sun.
I don’t have to do anything
Except listen to Irene and follow her direction. I listen to this meditation again because it is one of my most favorite. Powerful and soothing; I can feel the negative energy leave my body through my feet; positive energy coming in through the top of my head. Rain and mud turns to sunlight and solid footing. The forest is a magical place. Thank you, Irene. Namaste. 🙏
Leave your problems behind
Losen the weight and carry on your life but lighter. Release what doesn’t surve you...
Solid ground 🌞
I feel lighter now leaving baggage behind in the forest, through my feet and in to the mud. I’m walking on solid ground feeling the sun warm my body to my heart, my core, my whole being. A sense of freedom from everything that was weighing on my mind and holding me back. I can go through my day feeling peaceful and relaxed. Thanks 🙏 Irene
deer path
winding down through the trees to a bubbling creek then up up up the hill climbing through a cathedral of ancient evergreens across the soft blanket of pine needles and out the other side into a beautiful meadow of tall grass
Forest meditation
Irene, you always have great guided meditations. I feel like I was in that forest and your guidance on real easing negativity was superb. Namaste 🙏
I felt as if I were in the rainforest
I learned that letting go of stressors whether big or small is beneficial to my health. Breathing is key and allowing myself to tune out the outside world to channel my inner calm is amazing.
I guess I learnt how to stop holding onto so much tension when I’m anxious and really sad
Body Awareness
If I am focused on my self (aware of my peripheral body) anxiety is minimized. I am able to stay calm and not react to what is going on around me.
Forest meditation
The three minute version of this meditation cut off mid-sentence. Other than that, the music was calming and I was able to check-in with myself before continuing the rest of my afternoon.
Cut off
The 3 minute version cuts off mid sentence! I’m still in the forest!!!
Hearing the word “pressure” over and over again only reminds me of my anxiety. Would prefer to hear words like “relax” or “exhale” or “soften.” The woods sounded scary and wet. 😟
Seven minute meditation
The seven minute meditation actually made me feel amazing. I am so surprised at the results. I don’t know if it’ll be the same for everyone but I feel incredibly happy, lightweight, relaxed and refreshed (something I haven’t felt for a long time).
I enjoyed this meditation. It was guided so very well. Unbeknownst to me, I did have some things and feelings I needed to release and putting them in the mud was exactly where they belonged. As that was done, I actually did feel lighter, happier and relieved. Carrying burdens I really wasn’t aware I was carrying and ridding myself of them was wonderful. Thank you!
The Forest
I really enjoyed this! This lady’s voice is excellent. The music is excellent. Very enjoyable. One thing: you have to do the seven minute version cuz the three minute version cuts out at a weird point.
I think I can sleep now
I am pretty sick and I can’t down anything and I need to sleep and haven’t been able to this definitely brought me to a point where I can relax and sleep now.
Walter J
Well I got thru the 3 min one and was VERY relaxed. I will make the time to do the 7 min one this afternoon. I am very excited to continue on into the forest but too tired to start it now.
Walter J
Just finished the 7 minute version and WOW... do I feel Great!! I was enjoying my walk in this beautiful forest when I came upon this nasty mud and got bogged down. I allowed it to suck this dark, nasty resentment crap I had been carrying around with me too long, right out of my root Chakra and I started to immediately elevate out of the mud and bam! I was back on solid ground again! And literally the sun started shining in my room as well as in my forest and I could hear birds chirping and could not tell if they were in my mind or outside. Thanks Irene for freeing me up from my self induced “prison” of poisonous feelings!! You are an angel in my book!! ❤️🙏🧖‍♀️
I am noticing that when my meditations bring in nature, I tend to focus better. This allows me to feel better and make improvements in my mood, self-perception.
I realized that the last time I’d felt TRULY HAPPY, is when I was taking my closing night bow in The Wizard of Oz
I was reminded that fear is the root of many of my problems.
I Couldn’t Focus...
I couldn’t get into the proper headspace at all. I carried too much tension in my face and body. I’ll try again tomorrow.
Night 1 meditarion
I can feel myself carrying immense tension in my chest and my jaw. I would really like to work on releasing this tension throughout the day.
My anxiety is really bad I am trying to de stress myself every day & night I doing my de stress therapy writing my journal & colouring therapy & meditating & relaxing bath & drinking my tea & yoga & walking & being at realm & being with my staff I am wondering what else can I do
I felt free, really good inside. It was hard at first and then I felt really relaxed and good.
I learned that I can enjoy flying high I don’t know what’s going on
It didn't ease away, it stopped really abruptly . It just finished with: the rain is cold on your skin
Yes irene
Great job on this one. It reminded me of the time I went tramping in the rimutaka’s.
So Good! 🙏🌺🙏
I thoroughly enjoyed this meditation. Irene does a terrific job with the guided visualization. Losing a shoe in the mud while hiking 🥾 😜 was not one of my favorite childhood memories. Since then, I have never been a fan of mud. But this time, with Irene’s guidance it was incredibly freeing and energizing to leave things in the mud! I look forward to taking this hike again! Thank you Irene for this wonderful meditation! 🙏 Note for those interested in the 7 minute version, it is actually 10 minutes.
Bye bye baggage
During this guided meditation, I was visualizing a hike I went on last year on one of the trails in North Georgia. It was raining that day. On that hike there was no mud to get stuck in, but on this hike I could see it getting harder to make it through the mud. The mud in this meditation represents the old baggage I have been carrying around. With Irene’s guidance it felt wonderful to let that old baggage go. By the end I could feel myself smiling, seeing and feeling the warmth of the sun, and feeling free from the past. I want to hold onto this feeling. Thanks Irene for this wonderful powerful meditation.
Walking on Air
What an awesome guided visualization meditation! Irene guided me through a forest. As I was walking, it began to rain, the wind blowing through my hair and the ground was turning to mud. I could feel myself getting tired and frustrated trying to walk through this mud, my body and legs getting heavier and heavier with each step I took. With each out breath, I began releasing all of my negative energy through my legs and out of my feet into the mud. My legs began tingling as I was releasing all of my baggage. Ah...what a nice feeling! I opened my eyes and looked down and realized the mud was gone. The clouds cleared and the sun began to soak in my skin, filling me up with a glowing light. I feel so light...I am walking on air! I feel so free! Thank you, Irene! 🙏🏻❤️😊
I have really been struggling lately and I feel like my heart and soul are being ripped into a million little pieces. This meditation allowed me to let go of at least some of what has been weighing me down. When visualizing one part of my baggage tears started to quickly flow down my face. But I did not let the tears consume me, when it was time I released it. I was literally letting go of it physically, mentally and spiritually. The visualizations are amazing and so helpful. Thank you for this powerful meditation. Namaste.