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The Fisherman and the Businessman

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Tanya Edmonds
Mindfulness Based Coaching & Guidance
This is a classic parable told in various ways in cultures all over the world and reminds us that sometimes all we need is right here in front of us. People work hard their whole lives to become wealthy so that they can retire simply. The fisherman reminds us of the value of living the simple life right now.
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That is what he’s doing
This taught me two spiritual principles: humility and gratitude for your life and how it is lived. I honestly love what I’m doing for the moment it is happening. I can closer observe my spiritual locus to uncover more truths about my sphere of influence. I love my moment today and I am the only one I need to understand.
Artavia Lineszy
Living how you want
I want to be free to live how I want. Not how society says I SHOULD want to live.