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The First Thought Of The Day Meditation

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Your thoughts have a powerful effect on your reality. This is a short Meditation to start your day with the right tone. Choose the right words to create positive vibrations for your day. Go along in a gentle and smooth meditative flow to calm the mind and bring peace to your daily experience. This is your morning expresso of self-love and joy.
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The First Thought of the Day Meditation
I love this meditation! It made me feel alive & grateful. Excellent way to begin your morning 💕
The first thoughts we experience in the morning can begin our day off in a positive or negative light. In this beautiful meditation, we practice filling ourselves up with thoughts of love, happiness and harmony through the light we see behind our closed eyes. Connected to my breath, I felt the invigorated feeling of each inhale and the relaxed feeling of each exhale. Behind my closed eyes, I saw glimmers of light forming. As I concentrated on this light, I brought in thoughts of love, happiness and harmony. Doing this created a influx of beautiful feelings growing in my heart. Focused on the beautiful feelings, I felt even more goodness come to me by way of this light. Today is going to be a beautiful day, indeed! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Juliana Oppenheimer
Positivity And Calm
I have been looking for a way to reframe my thoughts and to get a fresh start. A new day can start inside my heart and not be influenced by anything external. I really enjoyed listening to your meditation and look forward to more!
Peace is available
I can tap into a universal peace. The entire burden responsibility for my emotions is not my own to generate from within. I can call on the outside.
I Found My Morning Peace I listened to Energy healing music first Tomorrow it’ll be 2nd to this perfect start To my Day. Thank you 🙏🏾💜✨
Your accent, tone and pace is very relaxing. Thank you so much. I will now start my work feeling relaxed.