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The Experience Of Joy Meditation

18 Min
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Realize that Joy IS possible in the present moment. Joy is possible as you choose it; as you allow it to be present in 'this moment.' In this guided meditation, you are reminded of how you may cultivate joy as your natural state of being. "You exist in a state of happiness, ease, wellbeing here and of the present moment; and in the absence of thoughts that bring you out of this state - out of the experience of joy that is home." Namaste! Dorothy
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Instructor Dorothy
Without question every session is an enlightenment that remains with me.
One of, if not the best the meditation sessions I’ve had. The joy and love I felt was tremendous. My thoughts hovered over peace and love and nothing to shove the positive out. What an escape.
Be present. Be joyful. Fill yourself with joy. It is so easy for me to fill myself with worry but then I am living in then past or the future. I am learning to just be.
Expect Joy
I realized that bringing Joy in involves focusing on exactly what will bring me Joy and how achieving Joy will feel. I feel like I’m starting the day out right ☺️...
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