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The Energizer

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
This breathing practice is meant to charge your cells, activate your QI through your body and energize you so you can power through your day. You will love it!
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11 reflections
Alert 🚨
I feel more alert, yet I also feel very zen and inspired. Thank you!
I was feeling tired and was thinking twice about going to the gym to attend a yoga session at night, but now I feel so much better and ready to go. The breathing audio that guides your breath is amazing ❤️ Aura you are incredible and I feel thankful!
Great meditation
I feel more alert, my body is tingling, my mind feels sharper. Thanks!
Walter J
A different breathing exercise that does invigorate! My body feels more electrified than normal. Amazing what simply changing your breathing pattern can do for the body! ❤️👃🍀
That meditation was powerful
I would like to meditate more in that style because I am a very anxious person.
A lot of emotions I’ve been struggling to express became simple
Breathing technique. Three up, slow down. A lot of emotions I’ve been struggling to express became clear.
Energy Enhancer
This powerful breathing technique is the same as his meditation the energy enhancer. This meditation is just 3 minutes longer than the energy enhancer. You start out this meditation by sitting in an upright position, head up a little bit towards the sky, along with a smile on your face. You start to breathe in through your nose breathing in new life to your body and exhaling anything that no longer serves you. Then you breathe in through your nose on the count of 3, hold, and exhale with a gentle hum, This intense breathing technique is practiced throughout this meditation waking your body up. In between the intense breathing, you return back to breathing in through your nose slowly, pausing at the top for a moment, to feel your body growing roots into the ground to ground you, and then gently exhaling through your nose. I am feeling uplifted, motivation, and grounded. Wonderful meditation to begin the day with to help you wake up or would also be a nice afternoon pick me up.
What A Lift
This meditation made me smile and gave me such energy! I was feeling a bit blue whenI started this meditation and now I feel happy and excited to take on the day!
A smile from the inside
This meditation gave me pure joy, pure because my smile at the end came spontaneously from the energy created inside of me, not from any external source. My day ahead will be more peaceful, more focused, more energized because I gave time and space to this practice. Amen and thank you!
The Shift
Bradley guides us through three energetic breathing exercises in this awesome meditation. We all have this power within ourselves to create a shift in our body into being energized, to have clarity of the mind. All we have to do is learn this breathing exercise. Wow! After doing these breathing exercises, my body is pulsating, buzzing, alive! I will definitely do this on a regular basis! I am filled with great joy and light knowing that I created this energetic shift within my body! I give thanks to my body! I give thanks to the Universe! And, I give thanks to Bradley! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Smile in the knowing...
That the magic of breath lived within us to change our experience at any moment...from within. I feel ELECTRIC! Thank YOU, Bradley and Steve at Aura for this amazing revelation. ❤️