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The Dimmer

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Christina & Darrin
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Sometimes when we are feeling stress, anxiety, or sadness, those difficult emotions become amplified by the way we are thinking about them. We are resisting the emotion within us, which can make it feel even more intolerable. In this meditation, you will learn how to tone down the intensity of strong emotion, giving you more resilience as you step back into your day. Photo by Edurne Tx on Unsplash
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11 reflections
Calming anxiety to move forward
I need to use "the light dinner" to turn off present anxiety to move forward toward what is good. Feeling tired & don't want to go to work and deal with certain emotions. Let go & I can focus on the good in my day...getting to have our 1st Circles Jobs & Education committee. 😊
Not everything that is making me feel anxious is important and I should use this technique to help me
Radio knob dimming down a good metaphor
I learned that my anxiety was only a thought that I had turned the volume up on. Amazing how taking time to breathe and dialing down the anxiety by picturing lowering the volume on a radio knob worked for me. I'll do this meditation again.
Dimmer distraction
The idea of a dimmer is an idea I can work with. I got so distracted by trying to decide what the knob should look like that I forgot what had been making me anxious for a whole 3 minutes. Not sure that this is how it is supposed to work, but it worked.
The Dimmer
This is such a simple and easily relatable image. As I focused on it, I could feel my breathing ease the tightness in my aching back and the subsequent anxiety I am feeling. A good meditation but I will need more than 3 minutes for relief.
Pick your place!
I learned that the train isn't the best place to meditate, however much you need it (because it's too hard to switch off from the environment around you). Oh, and when you lose wifi it breaks your peace
Forgiving people
Today I learned that Jesus wants us to forgive people who have hurt us in the past and that is quite hard to do but if anyone can do it so can you and me 🙂
I like the concept of using a dimmer switch to reduce anxiety. However, today I'm stressed because I've been procrastinating something's that I really need to do and I need more motivation and the dimmer switch analogy was counterproductive for my needs this morning.
I particularly found the dimmer metaphor useful as I lay in bed for the night to ease my troubled mind and choppy thoughts before falling asleep.
I love the dark
The feeling of being in the dark isn't so scary when you're an adult, because there's so much comfort in the dark. Once my eyes closed, I began to feel a lot better. The breathing exercises really help a lot too. Being able to breathe while listening to the meditation speech, is the most helpful part of the meditation. I also love the quiet pauses. That's what really makes these meditations better. I love it.
I learned that I am in control. Whenever I feel anxious or stressed I will use the dimmer concept.
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