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The Dangers Of Self-Sacrifice

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The definition of self-sacrifice is not holding a belief in yourself, rather allowing others to direct your life, and needing false approval and permission from others rather than following through on your own ideas and what matters most to you and standing tall and in the full authority of knowing that you are more than good enough, accomplished, and successful as you are. Here I share the formula to no longer sacrifice you and what matters most. Join me! Sending you great love... Namaste! Dorothy
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4 reflections
I think many people find themselves in similar situations, and healing from the trauma, finding the right inner position of self respect, changing choices and actions and attitudes are crucial to break the vicious cycle that could otherwise last a lifelong and cost us so much suffering and even sickness. Thank you Dorothy for your precious, important wise words.
Reflections about self sabotage
I felt I did a ton of self reflection as I listened to these words of wisdom. Very helpful to shine a light on things in our control. It always helps remind me I don’t need to stress about things out of my control. I’ve always been one who wants to jump in and solve, offer helping hands, etc., so now I am also seeing correlation in the sense of scope. My efforts should be spent on things within my scope. I have a knack of saying yes to additional work, sometimes things outside of my scope. Though I also like to think some of these things I took on as stretch goals all of which had successful outcomes.
I realized I do expect sndneenr something from my interactions with my kids. Again, its ego and shame that drive my motives. I do want something from them- love and time and respect. Im not only calling them or having dinner with them out of love I want them in my life. More than they are now.
Dangers of self-sacrifice
I'm glad I now listened to this powerful lesson in its entirety. There are 3 practices that need to be explored and questioned in order to avoid further self-sacrifice. They are: self-honesty, self-love, and self-respect. Self kindness is in there too. I need to have a talk with myself with complete honesty. I need to think of self-love practices I can incorporate into my daily life that will nurture myself and enable myself to truly not let any of my behaviors be self-sabotaging. Lastly, I need to make certain I'm using loving kindness and self-respect in all my decisions moving forward. I need to identify exactly what I need to do to ensure that. The most important part of this to me is: I must live in my truth. 🙏🏼
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