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The Cockroach Story

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This story is adapted from a speech given by Sundar Pichai, about understanding how our reactions to things create or neutralize drama.
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Cockroach Story
This story is a good reminder to look at our self talk the next time we are bothered by an event to see what’s really wrong. When I have a particularly interesting podcast I want to hear, city traffic doesn’t bother me at all. Yet, when I’m late for an appointment, I consider the traffic a great burden I must bear because of poor design by traffic engineers. (This is one time I almost always give myself a break!! It’s not my failure to leave earlier. Lol)
Creating Chaos or Calm?
I learned in this story that the choice is ours, for it is our reaction to the problem that creates the chaos or the calm in our lives. This means that after far, far, far too many years of embracing my long deceased father’s negative words and actions towards me, I am free to believe differently. 🦋
Oh how I miss aura! The simplicity of the cockroach or maybe a small spider all the same how do we handle it
Good story - excellent point
‘ my inability to handle the situation ‘ is what causes the stress, not the situation itself. Of course! Maybe this insight will help the next time I start to “lose it. ‘
A good observance
I need to learn this lesson still. Since my massive stroke and subsequent recovery period, including an excruciating six months in a hospital FAR from home, I’m usually angry, often enraged, at minor and small disturbances in life. I fly off the handle at the drop of a hat. I need, badly, to regain my “chill”! I’m working on it, but still seem to be easy to anger, or mad all the time. I’m usually ready to Hulk-out at the slightest provocation. And since they’re the closest people to me, physically, my wife and children usually bear the brunt (and are the cause) of my unwarranted anger. I realize that that is unfair to them and not good for me, so I try to change...maybe once I hear about my Social Security disability case outcome and begin to realize monetary benefits from that I’ll chill out some. For now though, I’ll be happy to get through another tough holiday season, thankful that I am still alive and here for my family. I cannot (will not) imagine how poor their lives would be if I had passed untimely from this world and their lives. They mean everything to me (and I hope the same is true in reverse!) I just feel like such a failure to them!
This was exactly what I needed to hear this morning! I also took away: am I spreading the chaos? Or am I observing it?
Hey, my dear
I hated this
Invalidated fear, invalidated trauma, invalidated reality for those folks most affected
The reactor cools down
I learned a few months ago from my dearest colleague, who observed me with my very own cockroach, how often I am reactive. She said: „it might serve you well, if you consider to turn off your seismograph. It‘s the fine-tuned instrument that brings you more trouble than necessary“ First i didn’t know how or what to do different. So, to stay in the analogies of this story, i became the waiter by utilizing that seismographic ability for learning to identify the cockroach early on and learn about it, so I could take the lesson in its behaviors and by today’s story i realized that I relocated the sensors and that my reaction cooled down. I am now able to grab the cockroach with my fingers to stay calm and bring it to the door, too. More of the time. This was a perfect analogy. thank you
The Cockroach Story
The only thing that I can control is my reaction to any situation. I must work on my inner self to learn to calm my reactions to the stress and chaos around me.
The Cockroach
I am in control of my own reactions to situation. If I maintain composure in scenarios that I deem overwhelming or stressful I can better manage my responses to it. Hopefully leading to less anxiety and stress.
Greatness starts here
Controlling the controllable... myself is an options! There are few things in this world that I can control. How I respond or act is always choice within myself.
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