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The Chain of Kindness

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
We often don't know what effects our actions have in the world, but so often they do come back to us, often in surprising ways!
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Loved this story tonight! Paying it forward is one of my favorite concepts in the world! I have friends who routinely do the “Starbucks Chain”, paying for the order just behind them just for the joy passing it along can bring.
Be gentle with others in our thoughts and show kindness to others through our actions. It is our soul’s duty to help others and we must not ignore this duty. It benefits all and leads to a chain effect of kindness to others that could be unending....if only we would allow it to continue through our own interactions. 🙏🏻
Walter J
What a great story! I have always believed in Karma and what goes round comes around. So I like to wish people well, do good deeds like Bryan & generally exude Love, Peace & Happiness. My thought from this is: When we incur debt we are actually paying it back after the event, with interest, so we pay back more than we borrowed. So when we pay it forward, beforehand, do we get interest on it and actually create more good that what we intended? I certainly like to think so!! ❤️☮️🍀
This story teaches us that when we do good things for others, good things will come back to us. It’s the same for if you do bad things, bad things will come your way
Brian is a savage he got her preggo and makes her work and the old lady? She’s rich af she was like “thug life I’m too Boujee for y’all”
I felt so touch that I teared up. It left me feeling grateful.
i learned that awhile back and it reminded me of the full circle of life lessons!!
Pay It Forward
This was such a wonderful feel good story of how one act of kindness can really change a persons day.
Pay It Forward
What a lovely story that Jiva narrates! In this story, Brian began the chain of kindness and it was paid forward to him in the end. The saying ‘What comes around, goes around’ is so true! While listening to this story, I was reminded of another chain of kindness I had heard earlier. A woman was in line waiting to pay for her groceries and saw a veteran in front of her. She always had a soft spot in her heart for veterans so she decided to pay for his groceries. The bill came to over $500 and she really didn’t know how she could afford this, but she did anyways. Her boss had heard what she had done for the veteran and was so delighted that he reimbursed her the monies to the veteran and gave her an extra week of vacation along with hotel accommodations! Hearing these stories really warm my heart! 🥰❤️🥰
So true!
I love this! Such a true story and certainly can be applied to anyone in any situation.
This really touched me. The simple act of kindness and passing it on. A good reminder for everyone as our day goes.
chain of kindness
kindness and generosity without expectation is not easy. I'm trying to believe that the universe does not leave you alone when sometimes I might need the same thing.
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