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The Art of Detachment

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Detachment is a word that most people do not like at all. To detach means that nothing owns, you and you are happy without it. If you have an energy of neediness or desperation, it's time to practice the art of detachment.
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7 reflections
Oh boy!
I absolutely loved this! Thankyou so much!!!💝💝💝 to just decide to do things that make me feel good...? Wow I’m seriously going to try this💫💫💫💫💫😍
I learned what gratitude has to go with fulfilling or achieving your dreams. It never made sense before. The biggest lesson is to first Decide, which is powerful in and of itself. Then second is to Let It Go. This is very difficult to do but…..having confidence in the Power of the decision is the key. I can’t be thinking about the past failures and disappointments. I just Let It Go and Be At Peace and be Thankful and Do Something To Feel Good In That Moment. Thank you, Teena, for your help. This is going to change the way I make decisions and the way I treat myself. Can’t wait to hear more from you.
Decisions are powerful. If you let it go and have gratitude and do something for yourself to feel good, you allow that decision to manifest itself. Love this! Simple yet very powerful. Thank you Teena!
Thank you for this energetic and powerful message. I enjoyed your delivery. I learned the key is to ‘let go’ and ‘appreciate’ what you already have. The Universe is a great provider.
detach from the when or how.
the universe is on it. at base, i want to feel good. this has nothing to do with a person place or thing. I will always “want” something and then I get it and…I forget that x continue WANTING. Subtext, from a scarcity and lower vibration mindset. As opposed to abundance and higher vibrational mindset. TRUST. BE AT PEACE. I want alignment and I want to feel good.
Amazing lesson.
I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this session. Your explanation couldn't have been more perfect. Your voice and the way you talk, care etc is how I wish one person in my life cared about me or even showed the slightest bit of interest without me having to tiptoe around everything I say at risk of them being judgmental and bashing me. Your amazing!
I am struggling with this right now. I know what I want and what's right for me. But detaching from a person who definitely shouldn't be anywhere on my radar is still there. I know it's my choice. Why do I allow myself to see him? Selfish reasons. Companionship. Familiarity. Sex. Momentary love and admiration. My wants. It's been almost 8 years on and off. I think that's why he sees me. Some of the same reasons.
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