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The Answer Is Within You!!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
On Teena Session, I talk about how to evoke the consciousness of already having the answer or solution to your problems. How does it feel to have everything that you desire? Get the state of consciousness first and then everything will fall into alignment with that state.
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Within me
We need to get into the solution state of consciousness. Wow. Running around putting out fires is not my style. Nor is complaining or negativity. But arriving at the solution state of consciousness fully is something I want in my life. I can see it may take some time to get everything aligned, but I truly can feel and see all I manifest in my mind. I'm sure it's worth 68 seconds per day lol!! You sound so excited about this topic. I'm excited too. Thank you, Teena.
Solution state
Realign with the essence of my desires My Why how I will feel Feeling light and grateful for the shift 1111 length of this session
Bringing back...
Being yourself again, the one that knew, that's where we go when we seek to solve...
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