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The 5 Best Strategies for Building Healthy (New) Core Beliefs

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Core beliefs are the well ingrained messages that we in turn accept and believe to be true; even when they are not accurate. In this episode of CBT 'Best Practices' we dive into the ways in which your core beliefs are developed and how they impact your thoughts and decisions for the rest of your life; unless - you learn how to challenge and change a core belief to represent what is healthy and true. This episode is so very important to understand what has held you back; and how you may overcome a limiting belief with what you decide and know to be true. p.s. There is a lot to take in, in each of these episodes of CBT 'Best Practices', including important strategies and tools that you can immediately apply in your life! Listen with a way to take notes so that you can turn each episode into the change that you seek in your life! Well done!! Please join me for more CBT 'Best Practices' here! Namaste!
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Reclaiming Our Truth
During the first five years of our life, we are like a sponge, soaking up all the words and messages we repeatedly heard from our caregivers. Internalizing what we heard and seen, we adopted these beliefs as truth. While we have a mixture of positive and negative core beliefs, it is the negative beliefs that will run our life if we do not actively change them. To change them to more healthy beliefs, we must learn to be mindful of what holds us back and then do the work on these five best strategies. The first best strategy is to build a list of our accomplishments. Dorothy advises to put any and all accomplishments, as nothing is too small. The second strategy is reframing from comparisons. While it is good to praise others for their successes, we must walk our own path and not compare ourselves to anyone else. The third strategy is positive self talk. We must be mindful of when our inner dialogue is self-loathing, critical, and unkind and immediately choose positive self talk instead. Practicing this, we will soon hear less of the negative. As a result, we will find ourselves a little more happier. The fourth strategy is goal setting and achieving. When we find out and go after what we really want instead of what our caregivers wanted for us, we begin to feel a sense of empowerment. Dorothy suggests we celebrate our wins along our path to conquering our goals, as it deepens our resolve and gives us feelings of encouragement. The final strategy is using the power of our mind and visualizing our greatness. An excellent tool to get inspired, visualizing our ideal self as if it has already happened gives us a compelling future to strive for. To keep our North Star in sight, Dorothy suggests we visualize any time we find ourselves still. As we practice these strategies and grow, we will soon see that these negative beliefs that we’ve held onto couldn’t be farther from the truth. Reclaiming our truth, we will not just be surviving our life, we will be thriving in the celebration of our life! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Yes, I am different to most people I know but thats what makes me special.
I am now beginning to realise that I am unique, an extremely sensitive and creative person who view on life has always been different to the norm. So what, my brain doesn’t work like that of a “neuro-typical” and it’s am grateful for that. Up until now I have always liked to be different but it always in a quiet and non rebellious way because I didn’t want to be seen. Now at 53 I am no longer inhibited by what others think of me, it’s time to embrace my difference and use my creative gifts to rewrite my core beliefs drawing from my past and present achievements. All the great things I have done all by myself with very little support or guidance. I’m in charge of creating of my life story no one else.
Daily meditation mentioned
You mentioned a daily meditation in one of the CBT Introductions and I wondered where I can find that on the Aura app?
The 5 Best Strategies
You are perfect, deserving, worthy. You are good enough just the way you are! You are totally loveable and brilliant
CBT Therapy Understanding
I learned I need to really study and implement the various strategies for CBT all the learned NATs need to be reversed & I learned I need to identify my achievements and self talk positively to myself daily. I also need to revisit this episode many times to write down in detail what I need to do in order to heal myself.
Very important point(that are core):
-list my achievements and be proud of it -dont compare myself -train my mind for positive - fight negative -set up goals and achieve -visualize my life, personality, looks- the best version of myself❤️‍🔥
Very important point(that are core):
-list my achievements and be proud of it -dont compare myself -train my mind for positive - fight negative -set up goals and achieve -visualize my life, personality, looks- the best version of myself❤️‍🔥
Today I had an epiphany that may be pretty obvious to some people, but the action that’s required to make it a reality isn’t so obvious. In fact, it’s probably the least obvious decision to choose from all other choices. Self-care. In a society that glorifies narcissistic behaviors and selfish gain, the idea of putting one’s self before another being seems a bit, well selfish. And, we’re often made to feel guilty for not extending our energy I do more for others freely. In a perfect world, this would be a normal act of love and self-sacrifice. It’d happen organically with no strings attached. It’d be a fulfilling experience for all parties of interest, but alas, it’s not a perfect world and we’re all imperfect people who are doing our best to create lives that we can all feel proud of. This being said, some of the toughest choices to make throughout our lives will involve honing the idea of self-preservation and responding accordingly. The idea of growing up and apart from someone or something you’ve known all your life is scary to say the least, but often times it’s necessary to challenge ourselves to think beyond what has become common and comfortable to us in order to grow and gain all that the universe [God] has created and given us the ability to manifest.
I learned the others understand. There is both a reason and solution . Today begins that journey to restore key core beliefs
Today I learned
It is not selfish to be proud of my accomplishments and that I should stop focusing on what a haven’t achieved yet.
i had no idea how much i needed this. and childhood trauma is VERY real.
Thank you Dorothy🦋
I Thank everyone that suffered abused and neglected for taking the time to listen to this wonderful guidance as you declared, just by listening, that YOU ARE WORHTY💜 Don't ever give up on yourself no matter how deep the wounds are.. Wounds heal.. All we have to do is to give it good cleans and care and time will closed up any wounds.. With time, only scars will indicate you have successfully WON🦋💜🦋🐣
My abusive verbal relariknsjip
It is not me onto do j have to stay if I feel badly. It is my boyfriend not being his true higher self at that moment. And even tho his words and actions are hurtful he in that moment is also hurting. It is not my job to allow him to suck my beautiful energy!!! Love it
Changing my view on my core beliefs!
Using positive self talk I'll eventually start believing I am worthy I am loveable and I can make the changes I want and accomplish the goals I align most important to me, not what my caregiver told me I should do, goals chosen exclusively by me! Deeping my resolve to be successful! Visualizing myself in a positive constructive way as if what I want is already here in the present moment, feeling confident, empowered. I am capable of how I ideally want to be.
Core beliefs
The impact of some events and repeated messages - although perhaps indirect at times - are completely ingrained in me and I in turn have been putting out that energy about myself without realizing it. Changing my core beliefs about not being lovable and not deserving are certainly at the root.
Mind Pictures
The mind works in pictures, make them large and positive! Thank you
I felt calm and confirmed in my already existing knowledge
And also that these kinds of courses don’t help when you are in the middle of the shit because your emotions overwhelm you and you can not receive. The work with a person is much better.
Core beliefs
Thinking about this made me sad yet felt freeing. I grew up with a number of negative core beliefs imposed by my family’s culture and religion. I need to work on this because I don’t own my success and sometimes feel like an imposter. I am great and I need to now believe it and get beyond fear that sometime’s grips me.
I really like Dorthy’s meditations and CBT’s. They both really hit some with me. I really appreciate this session as it takeaways I can and will work on.
Amanda Peralta
This was a very informative podcast. I am going to listen to it again and pay more attention. I really need this in my daily life. I believe this could be the exact thing I have been looking for to help with my view of things because of my childhood.
Amazing lesson
I learned that I can change the way I feel by visualising a better future
I felt;
I felt good today, visiting a friend in need! He was very depressed, and I felt helpful, and needed!
I am in control of my thoughts
I can change my thinking about myself. I am in control of my thoughts and feelings. I desire to reach my full potential and I can. I’m can turn off the negative self talk.