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The 3 Steps to Burnout-Proof Parenting

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Cara de Lange
Burnout Expert & Coach
We are so hard on ourselves as parents. Good enough often isn’t the standard when it comes to your kids—you want the very best. Yet, part of what drives so much stress and anxiety as parents, especially during a pandemic - is that you don’t know what the right or best choices are for your kids’ health, education, your own work status, and more. What if we look for 'good enough' and that actually is enough? This track shares some tips and tools to help you with parental overwhelm and feelings of anxiety.
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Find realistic coping strategies. Eg Dance, take break vs long runs.
Be only good enough. What would be tell a friend? Gain perspective, be empathetic with yourself.
Good enough
Sometimes I might need to stop trying to be the perfect mother and lower my expectations for myself. Sometimes good enough is ok. What would I tell a friend in same situation?
I fear for their future. I want to show/teach them everything to protect them. And then I overwhelm myself and get frustrated that they don’t see the danger.
I learned that I am projecting my fear on them. My trauma and my need for hyper vigilance and my need to know all the answers just in case this or that happens
Good enough is perfectly okay.
Look for coping strategies like dance parties, deep breaths, a few minutes just stepping away and getting air.
Burnout proof parenting
Good enough is ok sometimes. How would you advise someone else if they came to you with your parenting problems?
Good Enough
It’s ok to accept “good enough”. I’m realizing that my Fusion Evolution costume will have to fall into that realm