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Thankfulness Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
What does thankfulness do with us? And are we often thankfull? Stand still...slow down and think about this ...get into the feeling and open yourself. Look what this can do for you and bring you in life by doing it everyday. Thank you!
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11 reflections
Gratitude inside
It is a nice feeling when you can open yourself for this. Try this only 10 minutes end feel what happens inside....
Small things count....
Our thoughts count... what we do count.... we often take it all for granted.... stand still for a moment ...
Honor yourself !
We forget somethimes who we are. Respect yourself. It’s easy if you try!
One of the ingredients we need in life... One we do forget somethimes..
One of the main things...
We always forget our self. Always beeeing nice for a other and hard on our selfs... time to change... be nice for yourself🙏
Thankfulness why?
So important in life! We are a lot but forget our selfes often...
springtime aerial ballet
they soared together above the water two young water birds one white one black turning, rising, diving, one right behind the other wings flapping almost colliding then gliding all around the pond, again and again and again I couldn’t take my eyes away finally they landed on a far bank to rest after a few minutes they lifted off again, poetry in motion
So much to be thankful for!
I learned that instead of be anxious, I want to choose to be tankful. Thank you Marisa.
Thank myself
I learned that when thinking of what to be thankful for in life, I must remember to thank myself.
We often do nice things for others because it feels good. But, as Irene reminds us in this beautiful meditation, we often forget to thank one person: ourselves. Bringing thankfulness and love to ourselves is not selfish. Rather, it is a daily necessity. When we bring thankfulness and love to ourselves, we are filled up to share thankfulness and love to others. Each and every morning before we even get out of bed, we should check in with ourselves, thanking our body, thanking the Universe, God or whatever one believes in, for another glorious day and finally, think of a few things to be grateful for. Remembering to do these three simple things creates a new perspective and starts the day off on a wondrous and positive note. I challenge everyone to take a few moments to themselves tomorrow morning, do these three simple things and see what happens! Thank you kindly Irene, for this wonderful and very important reminder to bring thankfulness to ourselves! Namaste ☮️❤️🙏🏻
Helpful After a Fight
Before this meditation, I suffered considerably. I argued with someone I love and cried. I stewed in my misery for an hour, then decided to begin my day. I looked for a happiness meditation and stumbled upon this. This meditation eased gratefulness’s passage into my heart. Although I still feel bitter, my anger has eased, and I feel calmer.
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