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Thank You For My Life Morning Meditation

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
Today’s morning meditation is a chance to say thank you for your life.
From the community
5 reflections
Thank you for my life
Thank you for this it was beautiful xx you make me smile when you say hello beautiful 😊🙏💕I am so thankful for my life and everything in it🙏🥰it’s good to dwell in these lovely thoughts and say it to myself xx thank you 🙏
To a Wonderful Life
Getting comfortable in my seat, I went inward and connected with my breath. Connected with my breath, my body and mind relaxed. In this relaxed state, I felt into my heart space as I listened to Katie’s words. My heart became light thinking about this life of what was, what is and what will be. As I thought about all of the precious moments that have led me to this moment, I gave thanks. As I thought of all of the people whom have enriched my life up to this moment, I gave thanks. As I sat here in this moment, I felt my breath flowing in and out. As I sensed this amazing life force energy flowing throughout this body, I gave thanks. As I thought about my life from this moment forward, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement. For all the precious moments that will lead me through beautiful opportunities to love and be loved,I give thanks. For all the people who will enrich my life with their presence, I give thanks. For all of the wonderful opportunities to learn and grow from, I give thanks. To a wonderful life, I say thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Love this. Loved swimming in my life and her voice………………………….
I needed this this morning
Thank you for this simple, gentle meditation. 🙏 There is so much to be grateful for. Family dramas have felt so overwhelming lately, always colouring my view of the world. I’m grateful for the lessons they’re teaching me, for knowing the people who have my back, who love, accept and support me. I’m grateful for my chosen family of close, beautiful friends. I’m grateful for the freedom my work gives me, for my health, and for future possibilities. Focusing on gratitude today. Thank you.
Precious Life
Grateful for my life and for all that it has taught me. I no longer look at my challenges as obstacles but as opportunities. Whatever life throws at me I know that whatever is showing up for me that its another opportunity to learn and grow. They become lessons of life. I no longer struggle with the unforeseen I now welcome it and work with it. I am free from the entanglements of my thoughts instead I live in the joys of life. Thank you for this beautiful morning meditation.
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