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Tense in Your Body?

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Some sitting moves to relax yourself. Take this moment to soften your muscles to release pressure out of the body. Simple small mindfulness movements. Just try and feel what this does with your mind and body. Enjoy the feeling !
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Tense in your body?
Relax all your muscles in your body and feel the relaxation flowing inside.
Releasing pressure
Perfect meditation I needed right before the gym. Helped me to loosen up my body before a workout.
Tense in your body?
Then relax slowly your muscles and brong your body into rest again
No one was watching no one would know the fat wad of folded bills was comprised of twenties, fifties and hundreds she reached down and picked it up “I’ll be able to pay the rent on time this month!” she thought to herself as she placed the wad in her purse and hurried on to her second job waitressing at the diner. Her salary as a schoolteacher didn’t cover all the bills and Jimmy was a teenager now with an appetite like a horse. Sometimes being a single mom was just too much. As she poured coffee for a customer at the counter she heard them talking. “We lost it! All that hard work and now it’s all gone. Fred was on his way to the bank to deposit the cash, he was walking down main street, it must have fallen out somewhere.” “Oh, and he was doing so well. I remember when he first came to the shelter. How long has he been clean?” “Four years. This will devastate him.” The schoolteacher reached into her purse and placed the wad of bills on the table. “I found this walking down main street on my way here earlier this afternoon.”
Get tension out of your body
Release it don’t hold on to it. Learn in easy way to deal with it.
I really enjoyed it. It’s fun and enjoyable to do it and it gets your body relaxed. Great meditation!!
Tense in your body?
Then grab this moment. Release all energies you don’t want and build some new fine energies in your body
Not comfortable in your own body ?
Release some tension. Release the pressure ......... You can!
Good & Bad 😁😩
After a long drive I thought this would be a good meditation to unwind. It all went very nicely until I got to the part where I turn my head to the right and then to the left and back-and-forth. I got a really sharp pain on the right back of my neck. This is the third time in a week, I think it’s time to get a!💆 I still enjoyed this meditation and I modified part of it by laying down and putting my feet up and rotating them, that was very beneficial to get the blood circulating. Thanks 🙏 Irene Good Night. 😴🌙
Loved her voice, telling me to take it slow and release everything when I noticed that tension. It was structured also, which I liked
Tense muscles
Tense muscles easily caused by stress if not checked and letting my mind free in a sea of negativity. Feels so loose afterwards and freer, although definitely made more aware of some pretty good muscle soreness and tension that I felt I would’ve never felt if not made to focus on each body part.
New beginnings
I felt relaxed, and one with my body after this. Less afraid and more in tuned. Thank you.
Sitting on a bench underneath a mimosa tree, I heard hummingbirds chattering. I looked and saw a few of them buzzing around while another one began to pollinate the feathery pink flowers right in front of me. Seeing and hearing these beautiful creatures going about their day enlightened my spirit. Onward with listening to this meditation, I closed my eyes. I decided on trying something different because I have been feeling a pinched achy feeling in my upper back. Beginning at my toes and ending at my neck, I began to do some simple exercises to stretch and awaken my body. Performing these simple exercises while listening to the beautiful relaxing music in the background, a sense of aliveness became apparent in the areas I stretched and lessened the pinching ache I felt in my upper back. It is amazing how the area(s) of discomfort seem to lessen a tad when we put our focus elsewhere in our body! With a smile on my face and a big sigh on my exhale, I opened my eyes. I am now ready to have a great day regardless of how this body feels! Thank you, Irene! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I loved the meditation It was a bit hard to understand though