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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Want to feel more refreshed, alive and focused? Gently tapping the body helps us wake up the muscles, increase blood flow, be mindful, release stress, get out of our heads and back in our bodies.
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Very energising
Great after my work out. Really topped it off. Although I could have gone on for longer!
Who would have thought? What a nice way to start the day 🙏🏻
Who would have thought? What a nice way to start the day. Energizing, makes the whole body wake up gently, and you realize how every part of you is alive and sensitive 🙏🏻
Saying Hello
So often we wake up and immediately go about the busyness of our day. As we do this, we forget that a beautiful body is attached to our head. Disconnected, we don’t realize how our body is feeling. In this meditation, we are introduced to an amazing technique called tapping that increases our circulation and in doing so, generates immense energy in our body. Standing, I dropped from my head and noticed how my body felt. Noticing some aches and pains, I began to wake up my feet and ankles by applying gentle taps. Tapping upwards towards my lower legs, knees and upper legs, I made sure to include the entire circumference of my legs. Getting to my buttocks, I could already tell the high degree of aliveness I felt between my lower and upper body. Softly tapping my abdomen, I felt my digestive juices flowing. I formed fists and gently applied tapping to my lower and middle back. Afterwards, I used my knuckles to massage these sensitive areas of my body. Feeling so relaxed, yet buzzing with energy, I moved to my chest and instead of tapping, I decided to form fists and gently tap while releasing a big sigh. After saying hello to these vital organs in my chest, I finished this amazing technique by gently tapping the back of my neck, head and face using the tips of my fingers. Standing, I noticed how my body felt. Saying hello to my body, I am incredibly awake and so grateful to greet this new day with aliveness! Thank you, Lyndi! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I find this exercise is a great energizer when I am simply feeling “meh” throughout the day and need to feel more focused and present. Simple, quick, and effective.
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