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Tapping into Unlimited Abundance

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
With every breath you breathe, all of life is breathing with you. Take this peace pause to sit quietly and connect with your breath. Let yourself receive the opulence that life has to offer. Take it into your lungs and let it cleanse away small thinking. With every inhale, let yourself receive. With every exhale, give thanks that the entire Universe has got your back in this moment.
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4 reflections
I felt the peace I’m breathing through now. It was blurry, dark and chaotic when I started my path in to meditation. I felt a true difference today compared to that time. I got distracted and I was ok with it. Notice and come back to the breath. I am thankful I started this journey and I am proud of my self for keep doing it every day.
Mind and Body Cleanse
This session was an incredible experience to cleanse the mind and body of any unwanted stress or negativity from the day. On every deep inhale, I could feel myself breathing new life into my body. And, on every exhale feeling my body and mind relax and become grounded as I got rid of any lingering negative energy. As I continued, I could feel new positive energy spreading through out my whole body which left me feeling energized. At this moment, I am thinking of all the blessings I have in my life which I am very grateful for. My heart is full of love and light. 🥰❤️ Many thanks to Bradley for another wonderful session! I have a feeling this one is going to be another one of my go to sessions.
Unlimited Abundance
When we are present, we begin to create space between our thoughts. Within this space, we can tap into the unlimited abundance that is always there waiting for us. In this incredible meditation, Bradley has us cleanse our body and mind of any negativity, ground ourselves in new fresh energy and tap into this unlimited abundance where we can feel the magic, the wonder and the beauty of life. Becoming aware of my breath, I began to filter out any energy that no longer served me and softened my body. Spiraling down into the Earth with each new breath I took, I became grounded and centered. Breathing in light into this body of mine, my cells began to get excited. Spreading this fresh energy throughout my body with each new breath I took, my cells became ecstatic. Continuing to breath in light, creating space around my thoughts, an opening of unlimited abundance began to appear. Letting go of any fears or doubts, I tapped into this unlimited abundance. Taking some time to be in this unlimited abundance, I began to be surrounded by all the blessings of life. Relishing in these feelings of gratitude and thankfulness that were flooding my body and mind, a sense of empowerment began to grow within my Being. Indeed, I create how my day will go with the thoughts I choose to entertain. I create how my body will feel by choosing which foods to fuel it by. By tapping into the unlimited abundance that is omnipresent, I co-create with life and thus, I am one with life. Thank you Bradley for creating such a powerful meditation! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I decided to do this meditation lying down rather than sitting up as I find this works better for me. This really relaxed me and helped me to release my anxious thoughts and feelings, leaving me in a more peaceful state of mind before heading to bed. I will use this practice whenever I'm struggling to maintain calm in the future.
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