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Taming the Mind

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is a zen story about taming the mind.
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7 reflections
Taming the mind
Another inspiring story illustrating the importance of mind over matter. Regardless of how good you get at mastering tasks, if you can’t settle and focus your mind, your skills will be of much less benefit to you. I have found the most difficult things to learn pale in comparison to mind matters.
Lessons learned
Skill+bravado=bragging Skill+self knowledge=mastery over yourself and your environment
The Mind
This story taught me that skills can be stronger if the mind is also tamed.
Taming the mond
Extremely enlightening and made me think. So much wisdom in only a short tale
That was harder than I thought
Yep. It is really hard to stay in the present. But this is exactly what you need to do every night. Your brain moves too quickly and too slowly sometimes. So stay focused on right now. Lather. Rinse. Revitalize = night time feeling. edit. Finalize. Submit. = day time feeling. You just need to categorize things after they happen. That’s fine. Take your time.
Zen Master
This taught me that even if you have the skill set to do something it takes calmness and strength of mind to go that bit further in your life
Focus and humility
I learned that success takes more than talent. It also requires a well trained mind, And The ability to maintain focus in the most challenging situations.Additionally, This story also reinforced The importance of humility. It reminded me not to brag about my talents call math because no matter how skilled I think I I am at something, there will always be someone with more skill and experience than me from whom I can learn.