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Taming Monkey Mind

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Nora Bouchard
Coach, Meditator, Story Teller
Is your mind stuck on repeat? Can't quiet the thoughts spinning round and round in your head? Want to quiet the noise and rediscover peace? The answer is not in your mind, it is in your heart and your body. Listen to this quick life coaching lesson and learn how to tame your monkey mind once and for all.
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Worry today does not stop worry tomorrow it takes away today’s peace and sleep.
That everything did her was true !
Loved it ! I am currently exhausted due to being up all night after my birthday spent solo ( again) Fell out with a lovely friend She dumped me Hard because of Barossos spitfire job did me in However when I say did me in of course she didn’t do me in Nobody will ever have that kind of malicious , vitriolic ( Nanny Jory )influence again I am determined to prove all my satanic haters wrong So I say to them all ( with tbe exception of Simon ,Cynthia and maybe even Alan as long as he doesn’t start raving about Thatcherism ( It was on the phone and I couldn’t deal -lol- ) Whilst raising my glass of champagne And say : “Cheers to all my haters So much more is coming “ And it’s going to be better than my wildest dreams I will attract happiness and health and trillions I will have two border collie girls or Sprollie sis And with the money I will have the best barrister specialising in teacher grooming of pupils so that like that Cunt up there will pay not only financially but everyone who ever knew him or liked him will know what he did I have proof It might ad well be a signed confession And the malevolent phrasing of his guilt “ I am going to sag something PETULANT now : whereby he trivialises what he deliberately did “Did I groom Mandy ? Yes , in the modern sense, tantamount to “ Oh my fucking Goddess ! The trauma of reading that letter those words which were answering Pamela’s question I was so traumatised that I put that letter in a box and repressed that truth for two years approximately When I read it again I was re traumatised And there is so much evil in his letters Victim blaming Gaslighting Using his authority to scare me blaming me for making him I’ll ( and others ie that witch ) It’s deeply distressing and disturbing I want him tortured I want the Croft I don’t want to hear anymore of his sinister narcissistic abuse That literally ruined my life when he knew of my incredible potential I need to cry but it won’t come Must ring The caravan Rape Crisis again I need specialist help I love you Mandy I never loved him I was groomed by Satan My mum used those biblical references
Really needed this!!
My mind constantly ruminates about one certain subject.  Yes, it has been driving me crazy! What a POWERFUL solution: Write those thoughts down . . accept and embrace them - then - burn the negativity!!!