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Tally's Flower Fields

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Cory Cochiolo
Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Tally is a lovely horse that lives in a very small square of grass and Stanley is a wonderful mouse that is free to roam where ever he chooses. The two become friends and fix each other's problems. For a moment, Tally has to face her fears and welcome change. Change is good, as you will find out when you listen to this sweet bedtime story.
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2 reflections
I felt like a kid again
So full of wonder and anticipation and excitement This story reminded me to enjoy the now and take chances and not worry about tomorrow. What a fun story and good energy. My adult brain wanted to feel sad knowing a horse will most likely be brought back to its pen. But to thing that she has the chance and the possibilities was worth it. Very inspiring
I was afraid to retire, but I wanted to spend time with someone special. There are flowers in the field.
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