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Taking your Leap of Faith

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Life Coaching
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Kambiz Naficy
Meditation Master & Life Coach
Every three to five years, you will outgrow some aspect of your life; and you can either resist with fear or trust your heart, go with the flow, and take the leap! International life coach and meditation master, Kambiz Naficy, guides you through your leap of faith as you transition out of your current life and into a happier one. Through his "Coming Full Circle" approach, Kambiz Naficy outlines the stages of our life transitions and teaches powerful approaches for reducing stress, anxiety, and uncertainty while you take your own leap of faith. God Speed!
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What I am feeling now is normal. So much change at once - new job (higher level of responsibility and right into the thick of everything), grieving old job/familiar , dog and old life
I learned so many things about working towards my vision for my future. This was excellent. Jam packed with info!! Thank you!