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Taking short breaks

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Jonathan Lee
Mindfulness and well-being coach
Why do we need people to tell us that we need to take a break? Are you able to plan some regular short breaks in the working day? It can just be a minute or 30 seconds, can you learn to give yourself permission to stop and rest.
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I’m learning to let go of my stress and relax
I’ve been listening to a lot of relaxing music lately and yes it is working and I’m really loving this meditation because it’s always good for the soul and body works with the mind helping me sleep too and I really feel relaxed and I am at peace and calm and quiet I say lord give me peace and quiet while I sleep and I just feel stress free and my anxiety is down and I take deep breath’s and at the end of the day and say I am glad the day is over lord thank you Jesus I’ve noticed that once the meditations are over I feel stress free and I feel grateful for the meditations
Short Breaks
Our days are often filled with many tasks to complete. We get so focused on completing tasks that we forget to take a break during the day. Taking a 30 second to a minute break in between tasks to check in with ourselves, focus on our breath, to bring us back to the present moment can be very helpful in many ways. It helps us regain focus, stay recharged, and an easy way to implement self care throughout the day. I really like this idea of taking short breaks throughout my day. I’m going to work on doing this on a daily basis.