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Taking Full Responsibility For Our Lives

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Alex Dudgon
Inner Peace, Wisdom & Empowerment Coach
A wise man once told me to take full responsibility for every aspect of my life. He also told me to avoid the victim mentality at all costs. This meditation is focused on these principles which have helped me to grow, learn, and, over time, feel more empowered! It is quite masculine in its energy which I am trying to bring into some of my meditations, as I feel it's incredibly healing energy when it's done correctly. I hope I have delivered this well and you can take some wisdom from it.
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I learned to relax more often than what I usually do at times I also learned how to not scream a lot when my kids do something
Victim no more
I have been through quite a tough time the past few years and I fell into a victim mentality. My daughter accused me of this and it’s taken a while to realise she was right. Now I’m on the path “way-out” of “victim hood”. On the path to explore new hoods full of fun, adventure, love and kindness, the ultimate hood to hang.
Owning it
I passionately practice and believe in "owning it". In any given situation, I own my words, behaviors, and contributions to it. I take full responsibility for my part in it. I will not be a victim! No pity parties for me. I learned how to master this years ago. When I apologize to someone, rather than the hollow sounding "I'm sorry", I say "I was wrong". I tell the person exactly what I did that I shouldn't have. I then may say that I'm sorry I hurt them because of my words or actions. I own it. I heard a saying once about keeping my side of the street clean. I'm not perfect by any means. I will not give power to feelings of guilt, regret, or letting myself be a victim. I'm not concerned with blaming others. This is another puzzle piece to my freedom and ability to live in peace and joy. Another thing I do is remember the fun, joy, and beautiful moments about someone, rather than the negative. I turn it around which allows me to make peace with it and my thoughts are good ones now. I believe that taking responsibility for one's self is essential. 😊
Responsibility of my actions
Thanks for the reminder to focus on what I can affect in my life. I chose to focus on my wellbeing and what I can do there. Exercise, make healthy choices and plan my well-being but also forgiving myself for the harm that I’ve caused my body so far. Thanks for a great session.