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Take Back Your Mind!! No More Regrets!!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
If you`re ready to stop living in the past then this is the session for you. If you feel stuck and you can`t seem to move forward then it`s time that you take back your mind and live fully in the present moment. Let me show you how!
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Very Insightful
This resonated a great deal with me. I learned that my constant preoccupation with past regrets and grudges can manifest physically and are likely linked to my current illness. I need to work on introducing new thought patterns to replace the old; I can’t stay stuck in the past so much that I’m having trouble forming long term memories of what is happening right in front of me. My only question is what can I do on my own to learn how to forgive? Thank you so much for this session!
Take back your mind
Manifest what you want or need now. The past has to go! Forgive yourself. No regrets.
This is possibly one of the best pieces I’ve ever listened to. Thank you for bringing this to me just when I needed it!
Renew Your Mind
It is amazing how the universe will send you the perfect message when you are open to receiving it. Today, this is exactly what I needed to hear. It is important to learn how to heal our old wounds that are keeping us stuck in the past. Our minds will keep playing that same old story that is no longer beneficial to our well being. My mind has been in that loop lately. And, I understand why. Today, I am choosing to let go of that old story by using the tools I have learned when it starts to pop back up in my mind.
My mind
TJ Thankyou does not begin to show my gratitude. This session is so good I’m going to go back and listen again. And again! Until I forgive each and everyone including myself. I’m learning to understand that the past could even be yesterday. A few hours ago…it still matters. It still needs to be released. My heart thanks you❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹
First step to understanding
That I am stuck! As much holding on to hurts and harms that happened to me as a child, but also knowing that I adopted these abusive tendencies making me as guilty as those that harmed me. So then the question becomes how do I go about releasing this after literally decades of subconsciously hanging on to these emotions and behaviors.
I feel accomplished and redeemable
Captured my emotions last evening, before they spiraled Grounding breaths brought me back "home" to me... Instead of anger, passive slight smile and holding my heart settled the anxiety and kept me focused on the reality of the moment. Events are different, but, the learned emotions are the same...🙏
Take back your mind ! No regrets
I have to accept and embrace every moment I encountered whether it was wonderful or not, and learn and grow from those experiences and not Bring it with me if it’s serves no purpose. I love this session thank you Teena girl ❤️