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Surrender to Deep Sleep

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
The intention of this meditation is to help calm your mind, body and soul, so you can surrender to the deep sleep that awaits you.
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Chirpy Noise
I'd love to listen to this meditation without the built-in music/sounds. There was a chirpy little noise that distracted me too much. I made it halfway through the recording when the guide went quiet and the music/sounds carried on. When the chirp came back, I couldn't handle it anymore. It reminded me too much of this little bird that keeps waking me up every morning. I need sleep meditations for insomnia and anxiety. This was definitely not helpful. But the guide's voice and words were very comforting. Would love to hear a version without background.
I started a new job and the first two days I slept for a total of 4 hours. I opened this app and I am amazed how quickly I fell asleep and how hard I slept! Very happy and relieved my brain will not feel like mush today!!
I felt myself relaxing. I’m realizing I don’t like the mention or sound of water or bugs, like crickets. I liked this narrative and her voice.
Much better.
Momentarily, while experiencing pain, I can still feel better when relaxing deeply. I am grateful for this help.
Meditation Day 5
I need a meditation more focused to quieting my mind. It is helpful when the focus is to decrease the worry, stress and toxicity that has invaded my day along with the goal of deep restful sleep.
I surrendered!
Deep sleep....surrender. I apparently did just that. I woke up this morning with my phone in my bed. My mind just wouldn't stop, and this was a cure. Excellent!