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Surfing Urges

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We can find it hard to not engage in certain behaviours when we have strong urges. This meditation helps you to surf strong urges, so that you can choose how you want to respond, rather than react.
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Take a time out
Instead of ignoring the pain that I feel I need to experience it and give my body time to understand everything I can about that feeling and how just stopping and taking a pause can really use my tension in my my muscles relax a lot more than I always remember them relaxing last time I did this.
Ride the Wave
In dealing with urges, I do not have to give in to them. I must realize that the thoughts behind them are indeed just thoughts. Thoughts cannot harm me, unless I allow them to. Behaviors, however, can be harmful if I permit these thoughts to permeate the mind. By just sitting with an urge, I can reach the peak of the wave, and ride it out until I feel better.
Good Morning 11-6-17
I chose this mediation because I was hoping to get out of pain a little. Not the pain like emotional or trauma, but I went to the dentist on Friday 11-3-17 and he did more work than anticipated and I woke up this morning with blurred vision and my jaw swollen. I am sore and man, I am cranky. My fur babies were like mom, go back to bed. I put my boo boo lip out and started to cry. I know this too shall pass, but damn this hurts. Thank goodness for Aleve and coffee..alright all you Aura fans, have a Great Day! I am going to start mine over.
Awoken was I, free from a chain I laid into a waste water loudly begging to begin I
Surfing urges
When confronted with strong personality around family members I tend to get defensive feelings of hurt and outrage unfortunately old unpleasant memories resurface leaving me sad and bewildered
Urges pass
I think for stress related chocolate cravings this is definitely a first stop for me.
Surfing the urge
I can experience an urge or strong feeling without having to act on it or indulgent. I can breathe into the places in my body where I feel the physical sensations of the urge, and the other parts of me will begin to fill up with air. I can decide what to do with an urge, and I can allow myself simply to observe what it feels like to have this urge, and take a moment to feel myself, separately from acting on the strong feelings. I can ride these overwhelming feelings like a wave, past their peak and plateau. As long as I am watching, I am not in danger of either missing the feeling, which is okay and important to have these urgent thoughts come up, but I can also frame that urge to act on it better
No matter how daunting a task can be, I’ve earned my job and I can do it, someone believes in me, so I can do it.
Surfing Urges
This is very good for recognizing your urges but in terms of a meditation I don’t really like it much.
I learned the we don’t have to be a slave to our urges. We can see them, contain them, and choose our reaction.
If something is making you mad,don’t argue,don’t think something bad about them just relax,think way am I arguing and just move on or solve it in a gentle voice
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