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Sun Salutations Energy Grabber

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Dakota Mays
Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Guide
This breathing exercise helps you tap into the Sun's energy through Sun Salutations with your arms. In a seated or standing position, we'll give salutes to the Sun with our arms and connecting our breathwork to our movements. This will have you feeling vibrant and warm after only a few rounds. Hope this resonates with you today!
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Visualizing the sun, stretching my arms like I’m reaching for the sky while inhaling through my nose, and then exhaling through my mouth as I bring my arms back to my side. After a few rounds of doing this, I feel energized. My heart is filled with gratitude for listening to my body and fueling it for the day ahead.
Don’t know
I don’t understand why certain breath work exercises give me anxiety like this one did I’m not sure why this is happening