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Suitcase Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Release your feelings. Free yourself from thoughts and unpleasant feelings. Make space in your body and feel more relaxed inside. Don't carry all the extra weight when it is not necessary. Release and let go.
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6 reflections
Overflowing Suitcase
I just listened to this and as I did my tears began to flow throughout the entire meditation. My daughter made it through surgery last week and the gratitude I felt was unimaginable. We now have the results and a surgery is indicated in the next couple months that has left me with such worry, stress, fear, and anxiety that it has been unbearable. Irene, this beautiful meditation allowed me to release so much pent up emotion, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙏🏻Namaste, Irene🙏🏻
Bad feelings now?
Clear yourself... free your self! Release those feelings now!
Suitcase time!
Pack your suitcase!!! And see what happens....................
Releasing What’s There
I didn’t realize how much angst, resentment, anger, fear was hanging in my closet until I put them in the suitcase and felt so much lighter! Like so many visual meditations, it kind of depends on timing and if you are ready. I’ve tried this before and not felt it. I guess the time had come to have this moment of release.
Releasing Negative Energy
This morning my mind was in that vicious cycle of replaying old thoughts that do not serve me anymore. I wanted to get rid of the negative energy I was feeling. This meditation did the trick. Irene has you visualize you are sitting upstairs in your bedroom with an open suitcase. In this suitcase you put in all your negative feelings. Then you carry this suitcase up a tall tree and open the suitcase releasing all those negative thoughts and feelings to the sky. I am feeling much more relaxed and my mind is quiet. This is a meditation I will visit again when I need to get rid of negative energy or thoughts.
I learnt that visualizing is a powerful tool. Irene tells stories so vividly, I enjoy listening to her voice. I always feel relaxed and light afterwards 😌.
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